Connections Lab Workshops


Our workshops are based on the premise that the way liberals communicate -fact flinging, debunking and derision- is not only ineffective but counterproductive.

Science has answers for us, but unlike conservatives, liberals have been the science deniers.

Our workshops and printed materials are based on the work of George Lakoff and other psychologists and linguists who have discovered a great deal about how the human brain really processes information and who offer practical solutions to our failed communication efforts.

If you have been looking for something to do that will help swing the pendulum back to reality, this is for you. And for everyone else.

Our workshops cover:

  1. What we’ve been doing wrong
  2. Why it needs to change
  3. The Nation as Family model of morals and political worldviews
  4. An exploration of the science behind framing
  5. Hands on framing and message building through our Stop, Drop and Roll exercises
  6. How you can teach others and build a culture of effective communication

To book a workshop Contact : Julie or George


Contact us at 763-560-3292 or email us to book a workshop for your group!

Your Presenters

George Greene

George has long been a proponent of strategic messaging through psychology. Active in many campaigns he’s also served on his state party executive and state central committee’s and been a Congressional District Chair. A long time board member of Business Democrats, he also co-founded Small Business Minnesota. George has a BS in Education from U-Wisconsin Whitewater and did his graduate work at U-Nevada Reno teaching sign language to chimpanzees. George was a pioneer in interactive educational media production, and worked for decades in television and  broadcast systems design. You can find George’s work on framing and organizing at pocketprogressive (dot) org.

george at connectionslab d0t org

Julie Ethan

Julie serves candidates, campaigns and social impact causes looking to improve their message, including content writing for websites, literature and social media promotion. She also helps groups repair and restore themselves to optimal functioning with a clear and strategic mission, and a map to achieve their goals and objectives. We’re all dealing with a divisive climate in public discourse and that’s why it’s critical to frame our message to the public in a way that finds common values and wide appeal. Julie has a BA in Organizational Leadership and an MA in Peace and Justice Studies from the Univ. of San Diego class of 2013.

Julieethan (dot) com

julie  at   julieethan   d0t  com

Contact us at 763-560-3292 or email us to book a workshop for your group!