Learn the art and science of effective communication

Nothing beats a face to face workshop or webinar!

Learn for yourself or your group. Our workshops and events are a great way to build community amomg your activists while they learn and practice the art and science of framing.

Contact George or Lisa at 763-560-3292 or email us.

Stop, Drop and Roll Workshop

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This three hour workshop will teach you the skills and knowledge to effectively advance the Liberal worldview and persuade voters.

Built on the work of linguist and cognitive scientist, George Lakoff, and other current science in psychology, the workshop explains how Liberals and Conservatives see the world and how those worldviews determine their differing policy positions.

We offer a method we call Stop, Drop and Roll where you’ll learn to craft messages with honesty and integrity —so we win today and in the long run. See our Event Calendar.

Contact us to do a workshop for your organization.

1Hr Overview

Not sure your group wants to commit to a 3hr workshop? Our 1hr overview covers why we need to change the way we communicate, the brain science behind Framing and an intro to our Stop Drop and Roll technique. Sessions are free or pay what you will.

“Connections Lab offers an excellent introduction to framing for progressives.”

—George Lakoff, author of THE ALL NEW Don’t Think of an Elephant!


Framing in Action

Don’t forget our free Framing in Action webinar series. We explore advanced framing techniques beyond what we cover in our workshop and we also interview movers and shakers in framing.

These one hour sessions, usually on select Monday nights, are a great way build your skills and keep them sharp. See our Event Calendar .

Connections Lab Online Course

How to Frame Winning Liberal Messages

The Online version of our workshops. There’s a lot to learn; learn at your pace!

Use discount code Elephant
Link for sharing http://bit.do/connectionslab

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