Who thinks progressives are effective communicators?

I don’t see any hands.

Unfortunately our go-to form of voter persuasion does not work. The Connections Lab aims to create a culture of effective communication among progressives.

“Connections Lab offers an excellent introduction to framing for progressives.”

—George Lakoff, author of THE ALL NEW Don’t Think of an Elephant!

Connections Lab

In-Person Workshops

These three hour on location workshops focus on giving you the skills and knowledge to persuade voters. While facts and logic—our go-to methods of persuasion—are important, unfortunately they’re not as effective as values and emotions. Built on the work of linguist and cognitive scientist, George Lakoff, and current science in psychology, the workshop and online course compare how liberals and conservatives see the world and how those worldviews determine and explain their differing policy positions. We offer a method we call Stop, Drop and Roll so you can craft messages with honesty and integrity based on sound science to win today and in the long run.

Connections Lab

Online Course

How to Frame Winning Liberal Messages

The Online version of our workshops. There’s a lot to learn; take your time.

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