Who thinks progressives are effective communicators?

I don’t see any hands.

We want voters to accept facts and draw logical conclusions, so that’s what we throw at them. It makes us feel that we’ve respected the voter whom, it is only polite to assume, will weigh the information and come to the same conclusion we have.

Unfortunately our go-to form of voter persuasion does not work. It’s not impossible for facts to work, but they are neither an efficient nor an effective way to persuade people -any people, including you and me. The Connections Lab aims to create a culture of effective communication among progressives so we can swing voters back to a sustainable way of governing that works for everyone.

Connections Lab Workshops focus on persuading voters. Why? Because our nation will continue it’s slide into extreme conservatism and oligarchy unless we elect representatives to make laws more consistent with our worldview.


We offer workshops in framing, messaging and communication tools for leftward leaning party units, advocacy and social justice groups, and non profits. We explore the cognitive science that reveals how the brain really works and help you learn to create well framed messages through what we call Stop, Drop and Roll:

Stop -and analyze what your opponents say and what core values underlay their statements; uncover what the real issue is; think about why you feel differently and what values drive your belief.

Drop -facts and logic, debunking, conservative code words and phrases and most of all conservative frames.

Roll -with a well framed message that supports your position and our worldview.

We also explore tools that make your communication more effective and suggest ways for your organization to build a culture of effective communication.

Our in depth hands-on workshops are three hours long and we have 1 hour boosters.

To book a workshop Contact :

Julie or George
See our workshop page for details.